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Welcome to Greensons Limousins

We specialise in breeding black and polled Limousin cattle for both commercial and pedigree breeders. Due to the genetics imported from Canada, we find black Limousins have exceptional length, muscle depth and growth rates. Black Limousin bulls also boast excellent scrotal circumference; on top of which the bulls and cows have a very quiet nature. They grow fantastically well and are a joy to work with. It has taken time to get the quality of our black and polled cattle to where we are happy but we now feel that the Greensons herd can offer top end black Limousin stock bulls and cows.

Greensons Black Limousin bull Guy Green

We moved to black Limousins because through our experience with commercial cattle it was obvious the black cattle sold better. Spending time in America and Canada showed us breeders there were going the same way; although their focused approach to figures meant that Canadian Limousins excelled on all traits. So the bold decision was taken, to jointly import the very first black Limousins into the country. It was a good move; the genetic advancements made there are reflected in the EBVs for the Greensons Limousins. The majority of the Greensons herd has Beef Value that puts them in the top 1% of Limousin cattle in the UK. Breeding for polled Limousins (black and red) we see as a no-brainer, breeding polled bulls and cows means no dehorning, saving time and money.