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The Greensons herd

Greensons black limousin Titan

Titan at the RAS in '88

Greensons black limousin Surprise


was started in the early 1980's with the addition of three full blood French heifers to the commercial herd of sucklers. Over the next few years Limousins quickly replaced all of the cattle. One of the three heifers, Surprise, going on to become the foundation for all future stock. Among her progeny she produced the reknowned Greensons Gigolo.

Following the sale of a jointly owned bull (Raceside Tytus) to America, John Green travelled to America and Canada to study their breeding programmes. He found a greatly increased emphasis on recording traits and although much of their stock lacked the shape so beloved by UK breeders, their growth rates and muscle depth were fantastic and after a long search Titan was imported to the UK. A tall and well-muscled bull, he had good success on the show circuit and was a fantastic sire, his most well known son being Greensons Gigolo. This desire to look forward has seen the Greensons herd develop into a small but respected producer of quality animals.

Greensons black limousin Titan

Titan at the RAS 1988

More recently the Greensons herd were the first to import black Limousins from Canada. As is well known round the commercial cattle markets of the land, black cattle, be they fat or store, tend to attract a premium price.

Greensons black limousin Black Nimbus and Pembina Wishes

Black Nimbus and Pembina Wishes, David Grainger and John Green.

This trend is also found on the other side of the Atlantic, with North American breeders leading the way by grading up Limousins with the black gene and looking to include the gene for polling too. Above this the black cattle tend to be significantly quieter and blessed with fantastic muscling and growth rates.

Greensons black limousin Calibre

Willowcrest Calibre