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Greensons Herd wins EBLEX Most Improved Award
for British Limousin breed

We are pleased to hear that our herd has won the Limousin category for the most improved herd.  The award is presented by the EBLEX Beef Better Returns Programme (Beef BRP) to the recorded herd that shows the greatest genetic gain for commercial traits over a 12-month period.  


Aug '11

Equally pleasing is to get the following feedback from EBLEX:
“The British Limousin winner this year is a belting good herd!” says EBLEX breeding specialist Samuel Boon.  “The Green’s are experienced and innovative breeders, striving to provide top quality breeding stock that will produce commercially desirable progeny. Their use of records and information to attain top end results is reaping dividends.
In fact they are not only Improved Herd Award winners - they have the highest average Beef Value of any Limousin herd in the UK (with more than five calves), out of 850!”

Health Status Update

Greensons Limousins bulls for sale

Feb '11

Greesons Limousins maintains it's IBR accredited status. One of the few herds to be accredited IBR free. The herd is also BVD accredited free whilst testing for johnes and lepto.

Dodge's boys

Greensons black limousin bull for sale

April '11

So far, this years calving has gone fantastically well with a bumper crop of bull calves from Towthorpe Dodge. Photos and updates to follow shortly. They're currently out at grass and we think there's a couple of exciting prospects there!

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Greensons Fathom tops muscle depth EBV's

July '11

The latest run of EBV figures on BASCO shows that Greensons Fathom has the highest Muscle Depth of  any British Limousins dead or alive. When bulls are added to the list she comes in second with two bulls tying for the top spot with a marginally higher figure.  Greensons Fathom current Muscle Depth EBV is a massive 9.5.

Greensons black limousin bull for sale cow fathom

Greensons wins Best Small Herd
at Regional Awards

November '11

After a prolonged absence from entering the East Midlands Limousin  Cattle Breeder Clubs annual herd competition, the Greensons herd made a successful return by winning the ‘Best Small Herd’ category in the 2011 competition.  We are pleased as it is an indication that we are keeping the quality of cattle that are appreciated by other breeders.

Greensons feature in
Limousin magazine

Guy Green polled black limousin

December '11

Guy Green was delighted, (albeit slightly embarrassed of the picture) to take part in Decembers edition of the Limousin magazine.
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Another great health test
for Greensons

Jan '12

The annual HiHealth Herdcare (Biobest) test has come back with a clean sweep of negative results.  The herd retains its status as Accredited Free of IBR and BVD but is now also Accredited Free of Lepto.  Another clear Johne’s test means we are one test away from accredited free status there too.  It has been hard work and there have been a couple of hard decisions along the way but we view achieving and maintaining a high health status as a vital part of our plans.

DIY AI Success

Jan '12

January 11th 2012 saw the birth of the first calves as a result of Guy’s DIY AI course. It is fantastic to finally see the results of the course now hitting the ground.  Greensons Histoire, was soon followed by another AI calf Greensons Hogan.  Being able to do our own AI increases our breeding options.  

Greensons polled black limousin sale

Greensons win regional Best Small Herd for second year in a row

Nov '12

The 2012 East Midlands Limousin Cattle Breeders Club annual herd competition sees Greensons Limousins winning Best Small Herd for the second year in the row, having returned to the competition last year.  We also picked up the third place for an in-calf heifer.  Obviously we are very pleased with the win but will be working very hard to keep improving the herd.

Export first for British Limousin

Dec '12

Greensons are pleased to announce the joint export of black genetics to New Zealand. The full story can be read on the British Limousin Society’s website here