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Greensons Gatling

Greensons black limousin bulls for sale

Homozygous black
Homozygous polled
Gatling offers the fantastic opportunity to have 100% polled and black calves.    He is also in the top 1% for scrotal circumference, which is positively related to daughter fertility. Gatling’s dam is a large fantastically milky cow with a nice wide pelvic structure, her calves are very laid back and grow like weeds.  Again this is another Dodge son that has inherited his sire’s natural fleshing.

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Greensons black limousin stock bull for sale Gatling

The Greensons herd has a high health status. We are accredited IBR and BVD free and testing for lepto and johnes.
Bulls and select females are usually available for sale. For more information please
contact us directly.

Titan Semen

Greensons black limousin bull Titan semen sale

We stlll have a linited amount of Titan semen available for sale.
Please contact us directly for enquiries.

Titan was most notably the sire of Greensons Gigolo.

Greensons Ghost

Greensons Black Limousin bulls for sale Ghost

Homozygous black

Ghost is one bull that just keeps getting better and better, he has taken on his sire's (Towthorpe Dodge) natural fleshing and great conformation but married this up to the scope of his dam (Greensons Vienna). The pictures really don't do him enough justice. As well as being homozygous black Ghost is heterozygous polled and like all his half-brothers has a very gentle disposition. He comes from a strong female line, with every heifer calf from his dam being retained in the herd.

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greensons ghost bull for sale